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Print It

Use the available 3D Print design files we provide you to print the parts of your robot.

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Build It

Use our instructional files and videos to assemble your robot and set it up the way you want.

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Use our available libraries and sample code to get your robots moving and performing tasks.

The RBX1 (aka Remix) is a 3D Printed 6 Axis Robot Arm. The robot is built using only a 3D printer with no machined components. It also uses only a Raspberry Pi and our new SlushEngine Model D 7 stepper motor driver to control the robot. An external computer is not required.

We’re providing this build it yourself kit so you can put together this robot and really give your 3D Printer at home a challenging project. Essentially all you need is a 3D Printer and a Raspberry Pi; we provide the rest of the components along with assembly and programming docs.

*Please allow 1-3 weeks for fullfilment and shipment (Free Shipping)

This design is a remix/redesign of the two following projects.

  • 7 Stepper motors from NEMA23 to NEMA14
  • A Servo motor for the gripper
  • Timing Belts and Pulleys (5 belts and 5 pulleys)
  • Shafts and Couplers for internal mechanisms
  • All joint bearings and belt tensioner bearings
  • All fasteners and basic tools needed for assembly
  • Wiring (pre-assembled with the motors)
  • SlushEngine Model D motor controller
  • Power supply
  • Bootable SD card with Raspberry Pi image and all software required
  • Controller/teach pendant
  • 3D cad file and assembly guide videos

Sample Videos